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If WWE Were 100% Honest With Us

It’s finally out! The Gaming Wildlife episode that I scripted! If I’m 100% honest, myself, I’m really just looking to shamelessly promote my own work. I’m a novelist, with one book under my belt so far: THE CITY OF SMOKE … Continue reading

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Superhero Burnout

It was announced tonight that Netflix series Daredevil has been renewed for another season. I just finished the first season and that’s great news. I love the design for Daredevil’s costume at the end and there’s plenty of places they … Continue reading

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Review: Daredevil (2003) (Director’s Cut)

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, Superman is my favourite superhero. In any list of favourite superheroes, he always tops them. But Daredevil is unquestionably second on that list. I love his rich backstory. I love his unique powers and … Continue reading

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Dill Appears on Big Bang Theory?

Been in a depressive funk lately, but something happened on Big Bang Theory last night that made me arch an eyebrow: I basically saw Dilbert Pinkerton appear on the show. Here’s  the scene in question: Now, it’s obviously not actually Dill. … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Retirement Idea

This was undoubtedly many people’s favourite scene in The Day of the Doctor, the fiftieth anniversary celebration of Doctor Who: I like to think this actually was The Fourth Doctor…except it’s post regeneration. In fact, here, he’s completely human but still retains … Continue reading

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Growing Up – Peter Capaldi & Doctor Who

I’m a newer fan of Doctor Who. I started watching the show with its return to television in 2005 with Christopher Eccelston as the titular Ninth Doctor. I’m not alone. Many new fans were created with Eccelston. Even more first … Continue reading

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Why John Hurt Shouldn’t Be a Doctor

Yesterday, the BBC aired the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor. it was filled with a cornucopia of references or nods to five decades of the great British television series. While I’d known about it growing … Continue reading

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