The Dame was a Tad Polish

The Dame Was A Tad Polish cover_ebook (1)The Dame was a Tad Polish is the second book in The Armadillo Mysteries series.

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About the Book

“The name’s Dilbert Pinkerton: mutant armadillo, private detective. I dig for the truth.”

The truth was, Dill had collared his first murder mystery since moving to Nevermore Bay and it was a doozy. The victim was found impaled on a flag pole nearly thirty stories high, innards spilling all out in the open like they decided to take a vacation from his body. Although the police called the strangest detective to ever wear a shell and fedora into consult, the powers-that-be weren’t fond of having him around.

Neither was the star witness in the case.

Lily Pad—TV actress and mutant frog—lived across the street from where the body was found, her apartment window lining up in perfect view of the dead guy. Almost like the murderer wanted to make sure Lily saw it when she’d open the curtains in the morning, drinking her morning java.

Being the seasoned hard boiled detective he is, Dill is sure the actress is hiding something, that she is connected closer to this case than she lets on. Worse, anti-homoanthro sentiment is already pretty strong, what with Dill making a splash in the city the way he did. To solve the case, Dill takes every risk to get close to Lily, not only to find a killer, but to keep her safe until all this comes to a head. Before she loses hers.

Readers Who Dig Dill

“I’m happy to report that Mr. Piers was able to successfully immerse this reader in an imaginary world where human armadillos work as detectives and frog women are movie stars. We can all empathize with an outsider and Dilbert Pinkerton, the mutant detective, is definitely one of those. Though there’s some gratuitous gore and Dilbert is perhaps a bit too hard-boiled, this isn’t comic strip. This is a novel with hints of despair and enough space for moral ambiguity.  I enjoyed The Dame Was a Tad Polish. If, like me, you’re considering making this your first Nick C. Piers novel, I encourage you to overcome your fear of the unknown and dive in.”

“Great novel! I enjoyed every word. Nick is becoming more polished with each book. I’m looking forward to the next one! ”

“A story long in the making and well worth it! ‘The Dame was a Tad Polish’ continues the story of Dill with the same humour and style that made me such a fan of the first series (and others that are as yet unpublished if I will be honest). While the detective series may seem tired to some, Dill (or more importantly his author Nick) managed to keep me hooked throughout the entire book and quite entertained. Highly recommended!”

  • An Amazon Canada customer

“Dilbert Pinkerton is back as everyone’s favorite armadillo hard boiled detective! With the second book Nick Piers knocks it out of the park. The first book did a great job developing the world and the characters but this time he really found his footing telling a great hard boiled mystery. If you like detective mysteries and want one that doesn’t take itself too seriously you should really give this a try.”

  • Jason Yavor

1 Response to The Dame was a Tad Polish

  1. Jennifer says:

    I can’t express how much I LOVE these books. The level of imagination and creativity poured into each book is like a carefully crafted piece of art page by page. Who would think of combining an Armadillo with a noir detective style and just so much great humor, as well as legitimately engaging characters. If your looking for something unbelievably original and fascinating look no further. Easily the most engaging book I’ve read this year!

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