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cropped-nick-diomedesI’m a 40-something writer and nerd living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. To date, I have two books published. Both are part of The Armadillo Mysteries series: The City of Smoke & Mirrors and The Dame was a Tad Polish.

My short story work can be seen in places like Thousand FacesOpen Minds Quarterly,The Country Connection, Rat-a-Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp, and Write to the Cover Volume One.

Hobbies include urban cycling, yoga, video games, and of course, various movies and TV shows. Most of all, I love  comics. Current favourites include Elephantmen, Chew, Sex Criminals, The Fade Out, Lazarus, Locke & Key, Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, and Hawkeye.


1) “Pride of the Internet”: Thousand Faces, Issue 8, Spring 2009
2) “Doc Crimson – Final Blackout”: Thousand Faces, Issue 9, Summer 2009
3) “The Never Ending Battle”: Open Minds Quarterly, Volume XI, Issue III, Fall 2009
4) “Safe Crossing”: The Country Connection, Issue #57, Winter/Spring 2009
5) “Loyal to the End”: Thousand Faces, Issue 12, July 2010
6) “Blood from Stone”: Title Goes Here, Web Edition 2.2, February 2012
7) The City of Smoke & Mirrors: Pro Se Press, February 2013
8) “Blood From Stone,” “Administrative Duty,” and “Pride of the Internet”: Pro Se Press, Rat-a- Tat: Short Blasts of Pulp, June 2014
9) “Sara Savior & The Intergalactic Armory”: Pro Se Press, Write to the Cover Volume One. 2015
10) The Dame was a Tad Polish: Pro Se Press, September, 2015
11) If WWE Were 100% Honest With Us (Video Script), Gaming Wildlife, September 2015
12) “The Never Ending Battle”: Open Minds Quarterly Classroom Edition, May 2016


nick (underscore) piers (at) hotmail (dot) com


Nick Piers Author Page


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