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Top 10 Reasons Why Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

For a few years now, I’ve jokingly called Die Hard one of my favourite Christmas movies. I don’t know where the trend started, but it became a running joke among some people to call Die Hard an annual Christmas tradition. … Continue reading

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Trailer: Muppets Most Wanted

Statler: Why do they call it Most Wanted? Waldorf: It’s the movie most wanted to avoid! DOH-ho ho ho ho ho ho! Alternate joke: Waldorf: Well, it looks like Kermit’s on the run. Statler: Too bad I wasn’t. Waldorf: What, … Continue reading

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Movie Review: All the Wrong Reasons

Society is filled with broken people. Some are due to horrible circumstances beyond their control. Some are the result of their actions, either directly or indirectly. Regardless, broken people continue to live day to day, sometimes just trying to cope … Continue reading

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Why I’m Tired of Star Wars

Star Wars news in the last year has been primarily about two things: Disney bought the franchise rights from LucasFilm, and a new series of movies. We’re not just getting a new trilogy in Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, though. … Continue reading

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Man of Steel

Most people who know me know that Superman is my absolutely favourite character. I love that he’s this powerful being who chooses to do the right thing on a regular basis. I love that he’s just a farm town boy … Continue reading

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Quickie: The Last Stand

I was in the mood for a dumb action flick and that’s exactly what I got. Definitely dumb and action-y but it fits perfectly into my favourite category: P.F.A. Pretty F&#%ing Awesome. You had some funny moments, some really well … Continue reading

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Well, this looks pretty amazing, to say the least.

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