The Joys of Writing: A Description of Dilbert Pinkerton

Recently, I contacted an artist friend to about drawing an artist profile of Dill. This is in order to get the right look and details for a plushie designer that my girlfriend has contacted for a Christmas gift for me.

Honestly, this was an interesting little writing exercise for me. I’d never really written out Dill’s full description before in such pinpoint detail. Obviously, he never describes himself in the books because who takes the time to describe themselves in full detail like that, right?

So, for any artists out there interested in drawing Dill, here is a full, descriptive detailing of him. I’ve included a great deal of references in this, as well.

-Stands at about 5′
-Species: Nine-banded armadillo

References for 9-banded armadillos. A google image search will give you hundreds more, if necessary:


-All armadillo features are heavily featured: long snout, tail, claws, armour along the top of his snout, etc. -Stance is a little haunched.
-He can walk upright and his limbs are mutated to be a little longer in order to be more human like. His claws, however, are still 100% armadillo.
-His carapace goes all the way past his shoulders. So they’ll jut out from the collar of his coat.
-His right ear has two circular notches (like someone took a hole punch and removed that part of the ear). Field scientists do this to identify individual armadillos. Dill was no exception.
-Mean, beady eyes
-You’ll see in some dillo pics that they have scruffy hair along the underside of their snout. They’re basically mutton chops. Dill has these! (he scratches at them when he thinks).

-The majority of his girth is his midsection, because of the carapace. I’ve compared him before with Danny Devito’s Penguin from Batman Returns. It might work, it might not. Feel free to play around with it. Dill is meant to be short and dumpy.


1) Fedora: -Dark brown. -Very rough looking, like he’s held onto it for several years through every battle.
-Dill cut out two small holes along the sides in order to push his ears through the hat.

2) Trechcoat:
-Dark brown or even black (your choice, Dill has several).
-I don’t know what the style is called, but it has the clasps on the shoulders. Example:

-It never quite fits him properly, as he never found one that fit his girth. He can’t ever close it, so it’s always open.
-Tends to be shabby or unkept looking. Even a stain or two. Dill’s not even sure if it’s coffee or blood.

3) Suit:
At first, I thought Dill might just be naked under the coat, but I like the idea of him wearing a suit underneath.
-No jacket or blazer
-Shirt is also unkept and wrinkled, with a stain or two
-Dress pants, also unkept and wrinkled
-Leather suspenders

4) Holster
-Shoulder gun holster for The Daymaker.
-Holster Example:

5) Shoes
-None. Dill’s barefoot. Or bare claw, if you will.

6) The Daymaker
-A .44 Anaconda Magnum

7) Cigarette
-His weapons of choice is Marlboro

About Nick C. Piers

Writer and creator of the Armadillo Mysteries, I've had a passion for the creative arts all his life. I'm an avid comic book fan, a DDP yoga practitioner , and urban cyclist.
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