How to Lend a Playstation Game

Wait a minute, hold on, hold the phone. Us old-timers have a hard time understanding this new fangled technology. So let me get this straight.

A friend wants to borrow a game…and I hand it to them? No, wait, please. Give me a moment here. We need to discuss the possibilities of this new technology.

Do I use my right or left hand to lend the game? What happens if that hand is broken? Do I need to pay a fee to use the other hand? What if my friend doesn’t want that particular game? Can they choose another? What happens if they don’t say thank you? Is the entire order cancelled and we have to start from the beginning? Is there an exploit to get around the fee by just leaving the game on the living room table for my friend to pick it up themselves?

No, I’m sorry. This is all too confusing to me.

About Nick C. Piers

Writer and creator of the Armadillo Mysteries, I've had a passion for the creative arts all his life. I'm an avid comic book fan, a DDP yoga practitioner , and urban cyclist.
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