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Top Ten Tuesday: Favoutie Movie Trailers

Welcome to another new, weekly feature: Top Ten Tuesday. Every Tuesday, I’ll present a new top ten list of some of my favourite things. This week, I present to you my Top Ten Favourite Movie Trailers. Because let’s be honest, … Continue reading

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My Flying Dream

For years, I’ve had something of a re-occurring dream. Not every night, unfortunately, but every once in awhile, I’ll have my favourite dream: a flying one. When I started having them, I was only able to leap a few feet … Continue reading

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Superman and The Superman Films

I’ve talked before about how I’m a huge Superman fan. Have been for a long time. And I think it’s time I finally confess something. It’s going to sound weird coming from me: There isn’t a single Superman movie I … Continue reading

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Thor & Batman: Marvel’s Science vs. DC’s Myth Reversed

I had a discussion with a friend of mine recently regarding DC vs. Marvel. They felt that DC was more reality-based than Marvel. In regards to the movies, that’s unquestionably true. Especially in the case of Batman. Christopher Nolan’s take … Continue reading

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Have I Converted? – Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics

With Marvel’s announcement today, rolling out their plans for Phase 3 of their cinematic superhero universe, we now know what both Marvel/Disney and DC/WB plan for the next few years. Interestingly enough, both feature solos movies for key minority characters … Continue reading

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Spoiler: Superheroes are Silly

Recently, film writer David Goyer made some disparaging remarks about She-Hulk and Martian Manhunter. Chris Sims over at Comics Alliance wrote about it recently, which you can read here. In short, Goyer believes She-Hulk is basically a porn star character … Continue reading

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My Ideal Superman Game Part 3: Gameplay Mechanics

Part One discusses the story. Part Two deals with side missions. Oh, and I should mention that I made one addition to the side-mission article: collectibles! This time, let’s tackle game mechanics.

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