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Long-Term Thinking for Comic Books

Events sell. I won’t deny that. In my article, Comics are My Literature, I mentioned that what pulled me back in to reading comics was the Death of Superman. Back then, in the early 1990s, shocking, event-driven comic book stories … Continue reading

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Eastman & Laird

Some years ago, one of my professors at York University read the first two chapters of The City of Smoke & Mirrors. When someone asked him what he did on the weekend, he said, “Well, I read something very interesting. It had … Continue reading

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Objectification vs. Idealization

Being an avid comic book reader for a long time, I’ve seen the objectification of women at its worst. Comics  are notorious for depicting women with almost hilariously disproportionate bodies. It’s something I’ve begrudgingly accepted because of three reasons: one, … Continue reading

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Nick’s Picks – Marbles

Nick’s Picks is an ongoing series where Nick reviews comics and graphic novels. They’re usually not the very latest, but they’re always worth reading or discussing. Without getting too personal (that’s my old LiveJournal’s purpose), I struggle with situational depression. Most times, … Continue reading

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Comics are My Literature

Some years ago, while attending York University for my Bachelor of Arts degree, I befriended someone who shared some classes with me. He greatly impressed me with his knowledge of literature. When a professor asked the class if they had … Continue reading

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