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The Sculptor – Series Consideration

Welp, here we go! The debut episode of Series Consideration, a video essay series where I study and discuss graphic novels and completed comic book runs. This episode, I look at Scott McCloud’s THE SCULPTOR. And don’t forget to see … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Retirement Idea

This was undoubtedly many people’s favourite scene in The Day of the Doctor, the fiftieth anniversary celebration of Doctor Who: I like to think this actually was The Fourth Doctor…except it’s post regeneration. In fact, here, he’s completely human but still retains … Continue reading

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Jake the Snake Returns on Old School RAW

I’ll be honest. I actually went to bed early last night, so missed this amazing ending to the Old School RAW. In the first part of Bump in the Road, I discussed growing up on wrestling. Jake “The Snake” Roberts … Continue reading

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Trailer: Muppets Most Wanted

Statler: Why do they call it Most Wanted? Waldorf: It’s the movie most wanted to avoid! DOH-ho ho ho ho ho ho! Alternate joke: Waldorf: Well, it looks like Kermit’s on the run. Statler: Too bad I wasn’t. Waldorf: What, … Continue reading

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WARRIOR! Come Out and Play! Wait, no, hang on…

It’d be a hilarious trainwreck to see Warrior back in WWE for a few matches, Though I think the most we’ll see from him are these promos for the game, similar to when Macho Man promoted WWE All Stars.

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How to Lend a Playstation Game

Wait a minute, hold on, hold the phone. Us old-timers have a hard time understanding this new fangled technology. So let me get this straight. A friend wants to borrow a game…and I hand it to them? No, wait, please. … Continue reading

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Well, this looks pretty amazing, to say the least.

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