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WARRIOR! Come Out and Play! Wait, no, hang on…

It’d be a hilarious trainwreck to see Warrior back in WWE for a few matches, Though I think the most we’ll see from him are these promos for the game, similar to when Macho Man promoted WWE All Stars.

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What WWE is Missing: Mid-Card Importance

When I was growing up watching wrestling, I knew there was a difference between the World title and the Intercontinental title: the World title was for the big, slower moving guys and the Intercontinental was for the smaller guys, more … Continue reading

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What WWE is Missing: In Defence of the PG Era

It’s likely a bad idea to read YouTube or wrestling news comments, but like a train wreck, it’s impossible to look away. The most common gripe against WWE is they need to stop being a PG-rated product. “They need to … Continue reading

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